Impact Management

RBN offers impact management of innovative solutions and bespoke funds that we develop across sectors that are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Our experience has delivered on several blended finance solutions that our team has historically built at scale to tackle many of our social and environmental challenges.

Africa is the region with the largest investment gap to achieve the SDGs, estimated to be $1.2 trillion per annum (SDG Centre for Africa,2017).  RBN has the people with deep knowledge and experience that can harness the challenge of delivering solutions to meet the pressing SDG’s with a strategic vision of how challenges can convert to sustainable investment opportunities. Fundamental to this approach is a knowledge that impact investing strategies are intrinsically collaborative and that superior solutions are built by aligning our client’s interests with the interests of all stakeholders, often utilising blended finance tools.

As impact investors we have always prided ourselves on our commitment to deliver credible and consistent impact measurement that is aligned to the leaders of our industry at The GIIN and the Impact Measurement Project.

Impact Advisory

RBN provides advisory services to structure, develop and implement all aspects related to creating successful impact solutions. We have worked successfully with government and private partners to meaningfully advise on bespoke situations that require new impact investing strategies. These range across infrastructure delivery, climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, access to healthcare, job creation and SME lending. We thrive on a collaborative approach to interrogating challenges and designing interventions that are innovative in order to offer scalable solutions.