• Pieter Botes

Sasfin Asset Managers - RBN partners in an exclusive reciprocal Impact Joint Venture

Updated: Mar 4

RBN Fund Managers is proud to announce our new partnership with Sasfin Asset Managers

RBN Fund Managers ('RBN') continues its journey to collaborate with like-minded partners to drive impact investing in the Southern Africa Development Community ('SADC'). Our latest partnership with Sasfin Asset Managers symbolizes RBN's reach and ability, and yet another turning point in building Impact Portfolios.

A key consideration to RBN entering the partnership, was Sasfin’s approach to enabling an entire ecosystem that supports SME business growth. In this view, credit is essential, but so are digital solutions that transcend the current operating environment. Sasfin has already set out its intention as a purpose-led organisation over the last few years, by providing credit facilities for SMEs that struggled to access credit. In early November 2020, it became the first bank in the world to receive the Nasira guarantee provided by the European Union. It obtained a R390 million funding line and a R600 million portfolio guarantee facility from FMO, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank, to offer loans to women, youth and Covid-19 impacted businesses.

In Sasfin Asset Manager, RBN has found a business partner that is "purpose lead" which resonates with our internal vision and strategy for renewal.

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