Who We are

RBN is an impact management and advisory business that develops and manages innovative financing solutions for many of our social and environmental

questions. Our founders have a combined century of investment and impact management experience and know it is possible to make a positive difference in our world. We are impact investors whose work is grounded in a theory of change framework that methodically designs and implements impact strategies that lead to better sustainable and scalable outcomes for our people and planet.  We are focused on a wide spectrum of investments and sectors that have a measurable positive socio-environmental economic impact within Southern Africa and our investments are explicitly aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.    

Our team has a wealth of development experience in managing high social impact investments and has successfully built and managed many complex impact solutions, often working in a blended finance setting.  This has also resulted in a far more strategic approach to selecting underlying investments that yield high social/environmental impact ratios coupled with commercially competitive financial returns. In particular, it is sometimes necessary to complement an investment prospect with additional capacity building and technical assistance and we value working closely with our development partners.  We have substantial experience across the value chain, from ideation, to testing and modelling the possibilities, to structuring fund solutions, to implementing and managing these solutions in order to deliver on agreed impact and financial returns on behalf of our partners and clients.

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